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Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery

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The Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery Course has been created to educate surgeons about rectal cancer surgery, including background information, preoperative evaluation, intraoperative management and techniques, and postoperative care. The goal of the course is to be a resource for all surgeons who care for rectal cancer patients, to promote high-quality, evidence-based surgical and perioperative care.

This course meets standard 8.1 for NAPRC accreditation. At the conclusion of the course, a certificate will be generated for you to submit to NAPRC, if applicable.

The Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery (FRCS) course is part of the ASCRS Online Learning Center.

After you complete your purchase, log in to the online learning center, using the same username and password for your account, and click the FRCS banner to access the course.

Student discount pricing of $50.00 will appear in your cart. If this does not happen, please contact [email protected] so your account can be updated appropriately.


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